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How often will the primary care provider from House Calls visit my home?

Each member of the House Calls team involved in a client’s care makes house calls based on medical needs or goals of service and follow up visits as necessary.

How long will it take until I am seen by a primary care provider from House Calls?

The timeline for each person is different and depends on the urgency of their situation and whether they have an acute medical issue. Most new clients are seen a few weeks after House Calls has received their referral.

Do I have to give up my current family physician?

Yes, House Calls works just like any family physician’s office; you will need to consent to transferring your care to House Calls. We are not able to accept clients who do not consent to transferring their care.

I live outside House Calls’ catchment area, are there other programs like House Calls that can serve me?

House Calls is a unique service. You may wish to check with your primary care provider, local hospital or community agencies to determine if there is a similar program in your area.

Are the House Calls doctors geriatricians?

No, House Calls’ doctors are family physicians with an expertise in caring for seniors.

I have an acute illness and am temporarily home-bound; will your team see me on a short-term basis?

House Calls is not able to accept new clients on a temporary basis. House Calls has an intake process which takes several weeks. If you are temporarily home-bound and would like a doctor to visit you immediately there are other services available to you, such as MedVisit.

Is House Calls covered by OHIP?

Yes, House Calls is covered by OHIP and requires a valid OHIP card. However, the House Calls team may occasionally recommend services that are not covered by OHIP. This includes ordering blood work from a lab or ordering equipment and assistive devices from a vendor, with your consent.